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Drawing Essentials - Digital Art Brushes

Drawing Essentials - Digital Art Brushes


A collection of 100 handcrafted brushes for Photoshop (CS6 and CC), Procreate and Clip Studio Paint*. This pack features charcoal and pastel brushes, erasers, blenders and a variety of powder, acetone and grit effects alongside a custom paper surface and overlay. All tools, textures and styles were created from real media to infuse the variety and flavour of traditional charcoal and pastel drawing methods into your digital art creations.

1 Primer
5 Blenders
5 Erasers
10 Powder Brushes
10 Pastel Brushes
10 Charcoal Brushes
10 Liquid Charcoal Brushes
50 Stamps
1 Paper Surface
1 Texture Overlay

Your purchase includes a download link (google drive) to obtain the product files. Due to the nature of digital downloads, returns are not accepted. This product is not for resale or redistribution.


*Photoshop brushes (ABR files) can be used in Procreate and Clip Studio Paint.

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